Artwork Requirements 

1. If you give us artwork on disk or e-mail, resolution must be 300 dpi or higher, and saved in .tiff, .eps or .jpeg format.
Anything under 300 dpi will appear fuzzy and will not produce a clean logo for your badges.

2. Shading does not work on hot stamped badges. Shaded areas of your logo will need to be made solid.

3. Do not place artwork in a document program unless that particular program allows you to save your page as .EPS.

4. WE CANNOT ACCEPT LOGOS FROM THE INTERNET. They do not produce a clean image.

5. We cannot use a logo that has been faxed to us. It does not produce a clear enough image for us to reproduce.

6. All logos must be clean and crisp when we receive them in order for us to get a clean crisp image on the badge. Do not fold or paperclip artwork.

7. Set-up fee is $35 per color.


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