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All you buy is the plastic. Plastic price is $.25 per square inch. Engraving of text is FREE - customized to your specifications (logos and symbols may be added for an extra charge).

Minimum charge is $2.00 per sign. Sign may any size up to 12"x 12" including fractions, but prices on fractional inches will be rounded up to next inch (i.e. 2.5" will be rounded to 3" for pricing purposes.)

Please specify tape on back, clear tape on front, or holes drilled in corners. Suction cups available 
for hanging it in window.

These are just a few of the color choices available:

Sign Color/Lettering

White with Black, Red, Blue or Green Lettering

Red with White

Blue with White

Metallic Gold with Black

Metallic Silver with Black

Black with White

Walnut (wood grain) with White

Yellow with Black

Ivory with Brown

Burgundy with White

Green with White

(colors representative only – not intended to use to match exact colors)

Desk Plates and Holders



2"x8" desk plate with up to 2 lines of text


2"x8" desk holder (available in brass or silver)


2"x8" wall holder (available in brass or silver)


2"x10" desk plate with up to 2 lines of text


2"x10" desk holder (available in brass or silver)


2"x10" wall holder (available in brass or silver)


Tent Signs (Two-sided folded signs also available)

Call for quote


Manager on Duty wall boards


We also offer Manager on Duty wall boards 
which are 10-1/2"x13" with an engraved 
"Manager On Duty" header plate and 
5 slots in which you insert name plate.

We can custom cut slide-in plates to fit 
any holder at no extra charge. 




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